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United Fight League

Freedom Fight Night - UFL Logo.png

The United Fight League (“UFL”) has one primary mission: growing the sport of MMA across America.

We are accomplishing this goal by designing and deploying a new model that blends the best operational and marketing practices from other highly successful U.S. sports leagues with our own unique innovations.

First, UFL is building team franchise system with the goal of forming at least one in all 50 U.S. states.

Second, utilizing a team approach with a more robust scoring system ensures a highly entertaining fan experience, as fighters are incentivized to not simply protect personal records, but also score team points.

Third, each season is designed as a bracket structured tournament, where the stakes are high, the fans are captivated, and the fighters compete for the largest purses for their teams.

UTL is also committed to taking a “fighters first” approach by offering medical insurance, retirement options, and eventually evolving into a fighter owned league.

Like the sport itself, the UFL’s mission and strategy is bold and brash.

The end result is a highly compelling, disruptive new platform that will fundamentally change the sport and its reach across the country.

Welcome to UFL.

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