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Freedom Key Society (“FKS”) is the first civic organization where it’s citizen members are directly rewarded for their contribution to the society.  

We will fight against Socialism.  We will promote free market enterprise and innovation.
Freedom Key Society’s non-fungible token (“NFT”) is the first of its kind. And it surely won’t be the last.  

When others realize the power of the FKS NFT, they will attempt replicate our model. But they will never duplicate our mission and purpose - fighting for America’s Freedoms!

Freedom Key Society’s innovative NFT platform turns patriotism and civic duty into a community - based endeavor whose value grows over time.
With a limited supply of the different “keys” within each tier, the value of membership in FKS (and the NFTs earned along the way) grows as FKS’s success increases over time.
Our first NFT drop will occur March 19, 2022, when we will be hosting our first event of the Freedom Key Society: Freedom Fight Night.
The Freedom Fight Night “key” will be the first FKS key to be purchased as an NFT. 
The Freedom Fight Night key will be the first of four “keys” expected to be released in 2022, with each key having a unique purpose and value.  More keys will be released beyond 2022.
Each successive key will be more exclusive and, therefore, more valuable!  The more rare the key, the more value.
It is not just money that earns FKS members their status.  While the initial NFT will be purchased, additional keys may require time and can only be earned by being an active FKS member.  

The most elite and exclusive keys will not be available for years to come, and they will come with more access and influence within the society.
Be sure to buy your ticket to this incredible event as a first-of-its-kind NFT.
Membership in FKS is limited.  

Only the first 100 NFTs at $1,000 each will be available at this first event. 

From there, the only way to obtain membership is by buying a key from a present FKS member who is willing to sell theirs (which could be a very long time).
Make sure to attend or stream the LIVE event to hear and understand the rest of the keys within FKS and how our NFT platform and this Freedom Key Society is going to fight for, and win back, America’s Freedoms!


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